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Previous Winners

January Hotlist Winners
  1. Worldmaker Sci-Fi
    Andrew Trainor
  2. Bully! Biopic
    James B. Saunders
  3. Kate Warne Detective TV Pilot
    Virginia Shaffer

December Hotlist Winners
  1. The Not Ready For Prime Time Family Comedy
    Richard Willett
  2. Mr. Frank Thriller
    Cindi Delinsky
    Song of Roland Historical
    Michael Eging
    Uncontrollable Thriller
    Sean Ryan
  3. Dream Rehearsal Sci-Fi
    Winnie Khaw

November Hotlist Winners
  1. Explosion at Black Tom! Action
    James B. Saunders
  2. A Gift for Oona Owens Fantasy
    Rachel Reaugh
  3. Happens in 3s Web Series
    Matt Clifford

October Hotlist Winners
  1. The Warners Horror Thriller
    Emily Koopman
  2. Rodeo Animated Musical
    Michael Prell
  3. The App Horror Thriller
    John Kestner

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