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What is VPF?

Hear from VPF's Pro Liaison

How it Works

  1. Subscribe and submit your query letter.

  2. Our Pros take a look and must respond back to you.

  3. Your movie is made and you graciously accept an award for "Best Screenplay."


"I just bought five more today and have used them! I’ve already had a script request from one of my first batch from someone incredibly close to the guy I’ve wanted to get the script to for a long time - namely Ridley Scott! It’s unbelievable that in five minutes something like this could happen. I take my hat off to you for building this system. I’m always cynical of any web service that offers writers special ‘access’, or better ways to pitch than the traditional means, but so far your service has exceeded all my expectations and squashed my cynicism completely! Thank you for that, because I genuinely love being wrong…Many thanks for your help!"

Phil Howe

"Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and trimming what I didn't need to say."

Chaz Valenza

"...Wow! I have a response in less than twenty four hours...VPF is truly a hot site!"

Don Woodcock
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