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"I love your website and interface...Great job on the design, ease and feel, and of course the built in reply mechanism. I have sent your info to the fellow honorees of the WGA's Feature and TV Access programs. Thanks!"

Nayan Padrai, WGA

"Just a few weeks ago, thanks to you folks and your services, Eric Canton of Canton Literary Management requested my TV pilot, "Smart Mouth," soon thereafter read it, requested more of my scripts, and today I signed with them! This likely would not have happened without VPF. Thanks for dismantling a few of the barriers that exist between writers and the industry!" 

Bryan Marvis

"I've been very excited by the responses to my pitches and the ability to personally connect one-on-one. Several companies are reading my sci-fi/film noir screenplay, my TV pilot and my Sundance 2014 finalist rom-com. And the one-on-one contact helps me, as a writer-producer, to improve my craft while simultaneously keeping up to date on what is marketable internationally...Even in cases in which a pro's interests did not align with the plot of one of my scripts, that pro was very gracious in complimenting my writing style and inviting me to submit future material. In fact, it was through one followup conversation with a professional who had rejected one of my screenplays that we realized my new Cape Cod crime novel 'Killing Kin' might be a good basis for a TV crime series. Nothing's a given, but I appreciate Virtual Pitch Fest for giving me these opportunities and the industry professionals for taking the time to read my material."

Skye Dent, WGA
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