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"1,000% improved! Somehow you took the essence of the  query and refashioned it to be much clearer and more appealing. Thanks! Now I'm really motivated...and with a sense of expectation and confidence..." Thanks to the Nth degree for your help and getting back to me so quickly."

Don E. Snyder

"...VPF has widened my options and my intention from the get go with this has really been to hit it from all angles and try to create some talk. Who knows what (if anything) will happen, but even if my script doesn't sell through you, I will still 100% back the service, because unlike many of the whiners out there, I fully recognize that it's solely up to ME and my material to make the waves. So thanks for what you do. I don't know if 6 'yes's' to 8 'no's' is above average, but I'll certainly take it whatever it is."  

Mat Raymond

"If it wasn’t for VPF, I would never have been able to pitch to MGM.
Tom Kuhl"

Tom Kuhl
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