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"I have very much enjoyed using your service these past several months and have made an incredible contact with news I hope to be able to share with you sometime soon. This contact, and the possible future relationship would not have been available to me without your service. Also wanted to let you know that I was able to share my success using your service with a film festival recently. I hosted a Writer's Roundtable Seminar last month 'How to Break Into the Business of Screenwriting' as part of the Action on Film International Film Festival. Among other topics, I was able to recount the great experience I've had using VPF. Thought you might like to know how great the info was received."

Ken Lemm

"I can't say enough good about the VPF site. Thanks to you folks, I currently have three scripts at one producer. All three made it through the reader and are with the development director. Any day now I should be hearing something. Thanks again for all your assistance. My IMDB rating went from millions to a couple hundred thousand and I thank VPF for that as well."

Jenny Copeland

"Thank you so much for the feedback, suggestions and so much more. Intuitively, everything you wrote sounds correct. I'm getting back to work tonight! You'll be hearing from me again in the future."

Heather McBride
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