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What is VPF?

How it Works

  1. Subscribe and submit your query letter.

  2. Our Pros take a look and must respond back to you.

  3. Your movie is made and you graciously accept an award for "Best Screenplay."

Pitching Scripts


"Great David, thanks again for all your improvements. Very much appreciated!"

Daniel Mackey

"Hey guys, just want to say that your service continues to amaze me. I submitted five pitches today and I got my first response in an hour. I know there's a disclaimer on the website that says it could take up to five business days to hear from the executive we're pitching, but the turnaround time is usually much faster, at least for me it has! I've been using Virtual Pitch Fest for a while and I've never been disappointed by the turnaround. We may not be pitching in person, but the results speak for themselves. Fast turnaround at a reasonable price, that's how I like it. Keep it up."  

Paul Middleton

"I purchased your query letter service...And recently I decided to try Virtual Pitch Fest and submit the query letter you created for me to some industry pros that were looking for sci-fi scripts. Two of those pros said 'Yes,' that I could send the script to them. I realize this is a long way from a purchase or option, but I wanted to thank you because this is as close as I've come to having someone in the business truly take a look at the script or even consider reading it. I can write sci-fi all day, but if I can't get it on their desks, then it doesn't put food on the table. I have plans to submit some more projects to you for your professional touch..."

R.L. Dean
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