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"I would just like to say how nice it is to have a place where I can come and present our materials.  We’ve been blessed to have six submission requests since I started using Virtual Pitch Fest. I’m sure that’s not a high number for some and the numbers might have been higher had I used your query edit services sooner, but it’s encouraging to receive positive communications from Producers. We are a bit different than most writers just looking to sell their property since we’re a company that creates our own intellectual property and also seeks to co-produce our products.  Your organization is another door for us to knock on to achieve our objectives, so thank you."

Greg Hill

"Again, thanks a lot. I've got something a whole lot better than what I started with. I'll put it out there and see what happens."

Larry Anderson

"Hello and thanks for your great site! Been a member for quite a while now, and I've gotten really good feedback...even when my projects are not a fit for the pro I've pitched to. Anyway, just signed an option with Micheal Cushman with Creative Ent. Group for my teleplay 'Jenny/Jennings.' Really appreciate your site, and have recommended it to many others. Thanks again, and here's hoping for the best!"

Curtis Ray
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