"Thanks a lot for the query letter! It looks great!"

Alex Rubit

"Thank you so much for your help with our query letter. Looks like you have a tried and true formula. We are definitely taking note."

Julie Keck

"David, your query letter for 'The Inventor' has been really effective. I even received one email back from a producer who stated that he wasn't really interested in the story, but that the 'presentation' was really good. He loved your query letter, but he wasn't interested in receiving the script! However, there have been a few people - based on your new query letter who 'are' interested in the story. I made some changes as you suggested and we will see what happens...Thanks again for your very professional help."

Dan Armstrong

"I can't say enough good things about the VPF site. Thanks to you folks, I currently have three scripts at one producer. All three made it through the reader and are with the development director. Any day now I should be hearing something. Thanks again for all your assistance. My IMDB rating went from millions to a couple hundred thousand and I thank VPF for that as well."

Jenny Copeland

"DAMN! Must be the best 50 bucks ever spent. Quentin Tarantino's company wants to read my script! I realize that it doesn't mean he'll green light it, but DAMN!"

Chris Gross

"What a great service you offer! As a writer myself and chair person of a large writing chapter (Mid-Valley Willamette Writers -- the Eugene chapter of Willamette Writers) I can't wait to pass on your information! Awesome!"

JoJo Jensen

"I'm a VPF fan -- great site, great service, amazing opportunities!"

Andie Andrews

"I just wanted to let you know that Victoria Slater of Minor Distractions Entertainment just optioned my screenplay, 'This Christmas.' You can also tell David that this same screenplay is one that I got his expert coverage on...I'm very happy about this, and that is why I continue using your service. It has gotten me several reads and meetings over the last 4 years."

Linda Andersson

"You are soooooooo good at your job. I love receiving your email announcements and I always query the new companies that seem right for my projects. Today I emailed Odd Lot and APA and got a 'yes' from both, so thank you, thank you, thank you."

Jan Stanton

"Your letter editing worked wonders. 6 out of 10 industry pros have responded already and it's only the first day. I appreciate your help and won't hesitate to use your services again when my next screenplay is finished."

Niraj Kapur

"I don't have the words! This is my first screenplay. I purchased 10 pitches from VPF. Before pitching, I bought your query service. The query letter you wrote for me is just awesome. I haven't even used all my pitches, and this morning I received a request from one of the producers to read my script! There are no words to describe what I'm feeling at this moment. If I could climb Mt. Rainier right now, I would and shout my thanks to you from the mountain top...I am definitely going to let everyone I know about you and your totally awesome services! Many, many thanks David! You're the man!"

Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich

"Sometimes I'm so focused on strictly pitching that I rarely venture deeper into the VPF site to read some of the success stories-quite a list. I've used VPF for over a year now and have found that it has really helped gain access to companies that are too often a fortress to new writers and their queries."

Ryan LaSalle

"I've become an avid user of VPF in the past few weeks and want to say thanks for helping to create a direct line between writers and producers. VPF is exactly the type of technology that's helping redefine our industry!"

Rob Ripley

"You've won a new convert. I submitted ten pitches yesterday afternoon and that evening nine had responded (often within an hour) with four asking to read the script. This is a better percentage of script requests than I received three weeks ago at the Fade In Hollywood Pitch Fest in LA. The big difference is the cost - the LA Pitch Fest cost $450 for about 14 pitches (and more if you're willing to stand in line for an hour or two) versus $90 for ten pitches. Not to mention it's so much easier to submit and far less time consuming. I teach at Emerson College in Boston and I'll be telling other faculty and students about your service...again, thanks for the service. I salute you for your wisdom in thinking up this approach. I'm truly impressed."

Jim Macak

"Hello and thanks for your great site! Been a member for quite a while now, and I've gotten really good feedback...even when my projects are not a fit for the pro I've pitched to. Anyway, just signed an option with Micheal Cushman with Creative Ent. Group for my teleplay 'Jenny/Jennings.' Really appreciate your site, and have recommended it to many others. Thanks again, and here's hoping for the best!"

Curtis Ray

"...I'm very pleased with the quality and professionalism of your service and will definitely put in a good word with other writers -- especially ones I network with on the Done Deal screenwriting threads."

Larry Postel

"...Yesterday I submitted five queries and within ninety minutes I got a resounding 'Yes!' for one of the five. Needless to say, I was on cloud nine! There are no words to describe the joy I felt knowing that a Hollywood producer wanted to read my script! After months and months of trying to get my stuff out on my own, which is next to impossible, I was overwhelmed with satisfaction...It was truly one of the proudest moments in my life..."

Sherry Perkins

"I want to thank you for your excellent service. David gave me a really quick response to all my questions and had my edited query back to me faster than I expected. My head is still spinning how quickly I received a 'Yes, please send us your script.' It was literally within an hour. I will definitely use your service again."

Paul Gierut

"I purchased your query letter service...And recently I decided to try Virtual Pitch Fest and submit the query letter you created for me to some industry pros that were looking for sci-fi scripts. Two of those pros said 'Yes,' that I could send the script to them. I realize this is a long way from a purchase or option, but I wanted to thank you because this is as close as I've come to having someone in the business truly take a look at the script or even consider reading it. I can write sci-fi all day, but if I can't get it on their desks, then it doesn't put food on the table. I have plans to submit some more projects to you for your professional touch..."

R.L. Dean

"A quick word of thanks: the revised version of my screenplay "The Reckoning" is currently a semi-finalist in the StoryPros Awards contest. I credit your feedback with helping it get that far. Thanks again."

David Doyle

"Thanks for your notes on my query letter - they were helpful for me in determining how to revise it, and I've now started to send it out through VPF."

Alex Faber

"I just want to say again, how much I am enjoying going through your site. My husband is a Day Trader and he uses a Trading Platform called Think or Swim. It is the Cadillac of trading platforms and they offer so much so reasonably. They are awesome at Customer Service. Having traded a bit myself, I was telling him today on our hike, that your site reminds me of them. Readable, easy to navigate through, great deals. I have been looking for something like this and lo and behold, it shows up."

Marti Murphy

"Your suggestions made a huge difference - this query letter is orders of magnitude better than before. Thanks for all your help!"

Lorrie Smith

"...I continue to find great inspiration from the success stories on VPF and have met some very helpful producers through the site, especially Peter Carlson Bancroft at HellaBad Productions who took the time to give me some tips and advice that has truly made a difference with my scripts. Also, thank you VPF for the help in the revision of my synopsis for 'Only Eagles Know My Name.'"

Chrissy K. McVay

"I have three requests for my scripts on VPF! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you guys for putting this together..."

Linda Larson

"I've just been asked to send two of our scripts to Hollywood pros, so many thanks for the great service..."

Mak Wilson

"I wanted to first of all thank you for the service you provide. You have no idea how wonderful it is to actually submit a query knowing you will get a response..."

Dawn Bierschwal

"Your query letters really works! I got a one in five strike rate with my first ten pitches. The screenplay is currently sitting on the desks of Chris Tipton (Davis Entertainment) and Howard Rosenman... Thanks for a great letter that really works."

Graham Bottomley

"I love your service! I currently have multiple production companies reviewing my two scripts..."

Michael Eging

"Again, thanks a lot. I've got something a whole lot better than what I started with. I'll put it out there and see what happens."

Larry Anderson

"Thank you very much for the help. I see that I was on the right track, but your revisions make the query sound more personal...I like it very much...I sent a few queries immediately and already got a request for my screenplay. This looks like a really promising service!"

John Biemeret

"I really like what you did with the letter. It's short and gets right to the point. Thanks very much. I also wanted to compliment you on the Virtual Pitch Fest service. I'm really impressed with the quality of producers you have attracted. Last week I began submitting pitches for another of my scripts and have already received three script requests. That's really exciting--and encouraging."

Brian Hill

"Wow! You certainly went the extra mile for me...You did a terrific job... "

Eric Sentell

"Wow - this is an incredible query letter! It's a million times better than anything I could have written, and is an excellent synopsis that really captures the heart and essence of the story. I'll be proud to go out with this... Thank you so much for all of your help - you have amazing talent, and I appreciate how fast you are in your responses and how friendly and professional you are. I'm so happy I found you... "

Nevada Grey

"Excellent rewrite, David. I can't thank you enough and will let you know what happens... "

Shelley Costa

"Thanks so much for your great edits...I'll let you know how it turns out."

Anne Brauer

"Within the hour I received one rejection, but two more requests for a different script. In twenty years I've never received a response back so quickly from anyone, inside or outside the Film Biz. It's curious that I spent a year on Ink Tip with the same three scripts, and didn't get one request."

Stuart Land

"Love your pitch site. Much less painful than the query letter mailing, and a good set of people."

John Gonglewski

"Just wanted to say thanks for the help. I've sent out three queries so far and had three requests for the script. Can't do better than that."

Jeremy Noonan

"...Virtual Pitch Fest is something someone should have thought of a long time ago."

Bill Colella

"Just want to say big huge thanks for such a stellar idea...Always cool to see someone actually turn a light bulb moment into a company. Huge congrats."

Andrew Baker

"I just wanted to say that I made five pitches and got one favorable response...which I think is really great since the subject matter of the script I am pitching is biographical. So, THANK YOU!!!!! It's so good to know that there is a market for what you are writing. Writing can be so lonely and isolating sometimes. Your service is a valuable shot in the arm."

Michael Mauro

"Very cool site! I can't believe what a streamlined and simple process it is. Well done! Now I'll just keep my fingers crossed..."

Eric Anderson

"1,000% improved! Somehow you took the essence of the  query and refashioned it to be much clearer and more appealing. Thanks! Now I'm really motivated...and with a sense of expectation and confidence..." Thanks to the Nth degree for your help and getting back to me so quickly."

Don E. Snyder

"...Wow! I have a response in less than twenty four hours...VPF is truly a hot site!"

Don Woodcock

"...This is the best news I've had in a long time and also demonstrates the extraordinary value and effectiveness of your Virtual Pitch Fest service. My sincere thanks to both of you for making it happen..."

Don Elfenbein

"...I just want to say my screenplay has already been requested a day after I sent out my pitch. That was incredible."

Winsor Yuan

"..Reinaldo Garcia of Nadja Productions has requested my script 'Steeplechase,' and I cannot be more excited. I realize that the journey is just beginning, but this great news is enough to keep me pushing forward for a long time...I was beginning to lose faith for a moment there, but your website is a fabulous resource. I plan to keep querying for many days to come."

Crystal Adair

"Without Virtual Pitch Fest, Cathy and I wouldn't have had access to the agents and managers that we did. We are very fortunate to have been signed by Max Freedman Management and we couldn't have done it without Virtual Pitch Fest. Virtual Pitch Fest works!"

Cathy and Paul Bruno

"David, you have done me an extraordinary service that I genuinely appreciate. Of the eight queries made thus far, I have received five positive responses...Thank you, not only for your guidance and patience during the process, but for the foresight in establishing the Virtual Pitch network that gave me access to prestigious production companies that would have ordinarily been beyond my reach without an agent... "

Lionel Lober, WGA

"Thank you for this opportunity! Even to get one sentence of feedback from these people is worth ten times what I'm paying (and a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to L.A.)."

Michelle Molhan-Zang

"Virtual Pitch Fest has opened doors that I otherwise would not have been able to open! I appreciate the quick, guaranteed response from industry professionals, and the wonderful reception my high concept script has received so far. Two companies have given 'yes' responses, and I haven't even used up all five pitches yet!"

Ashia Chacko

"...I did my first pitch yesterday and received a request for my screenplay (thanks for your help editing my letter). I look forward to more 'pitching in my pj's'! As a screenwriter-educator, I will be strongly recommending your web site and services to my students and colleagues!"

Professor Alex Stirling

"Wow! Fast turnaround and quality feedback...Thanks for your careful attention and wonderful suggestions."

Frank Rigola

"Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and trimming what I didn't need to say."

Chaz Valenza

"Thank you very much for the expeditious and excellent edit, along with the overall query suggestions."

Adam Nur

"After sending out, on my own, approximately twenty-five query letters to WGA agents, production companies and managers and receiving only one reply for my script, I signed up with Virtual Pitch Fest and after only four days, I have received three requests for my screenplay, 'The Rose Chronicles.' Thank you so much for your assistance. What a great service."

Bonnie Howell

"Thanks so much David. You did a fantastic query... I couldn't have done it without you!..."

Mahree Munding

"I really enjoy working with you and your company..."

Susan Johnson, Select Services Films

"I must also commend your service in comparison to another service I use. It is different to yours, in that my work is searched by prospective buyers, but the difference is, there is no way to gauge the response. Occasionally, they ask for specific submissions (if your work fits) but the disappointing factor with this is, there is no requirement for the producers to reply with a response. With your service, I know as a writer, that they MUST reply to my submissions. At least this way (even if it is a rejection), I'm not waiting for a possible response. This is by far, the best feature of your service, not to mention, you are getting directly to the source. Keep up the great work."

Darren P Faulkner

"I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that the VPF service has exceeded my expectations. Had it not been for the VPF, I would never have gotten in touch with the industry pros listed on the website. No other service provides such accessibility or promises such prompt responses."

Lior Cohen

"Thanks a million for your help. And for saying the magic words 'closer to coming up with a marketable script.' I can't tell you how encouraging that is. It made my day!”

Lorrie Smith

"David, thank you for the wonderful notes...It took me a couple of weeks to fully digest them, but for the most part I think you're spot on. I've been doing some brainstorming and I will be able to fix most of them...”

Richard Soriano

"Your notes are excellent. Thank you.”

Alan Kritzer

"I want you to know that I am thankful for the professionalism and detail of your response. It was everything you had promised and more. I appreciate the candor of the critique and the accompanying suggestions…it was encouraging to know that I've found a resource that doesn't pull any punches and can be an excellent sounding board for future projects.”

Mike Steinberg

"...I love the work you did on the script! It's brutal and honest and it's exactly what I was hoping for...I have begun implementing your suggestions...great work, and thanks a bunch! I will recommend you to other writers."

Kristopher Hemstreet

"I found your notes very interesting and potentially very useful. Many thanks for providing such a valuable service."

Richard Moir

"Thank you so much for the feedback, suggestions and so much more. Intuitively, everything you wrote sounds correct. I'm getting back to work tonight! You'll be hearing from me again in the future."

Heather McBride

"Thanks again for your assistance, insights and encouragement."

Patrick McCartney

"You made a lot of sense about the tone and the characters and I am jumping right back into this thing. Thank you again for your thoughts!"

Alec Whittle

"Thanks for the great analysis. "

Morgan Hobbs

"Thank you very much for your analysis, I will go through and do exactly what you have written..."

Georges Salo

"I appreciate you really delving into this screenplay in order to provide clear direction...Thank you for being very clear (and kind) about your reaction..."

Stanley Idema

"Thanks again for coming to Wisconsin and lending your expertise and encouragement to us struggling novices. It's deeply appreciated. I feel that just the opportunity to construct some kind of an organized verbal pitch for my just-hatched script idea has been a great help in starting to develop a story that I hope will become a first-rate screenplay."

Larry Sommers

"Many thanks for the prompt and extremely thoughtful, savvy analysis... It was money well spent--something I rarely say, especially when it comes to Hollywood."

Dan Smith

"...You give good notes!"

James Bruns

"I just bought five more today and have used them! I’ve already had a script request from one of my first batch from someone incredibly close to the guy I’ve wanted to get the script to for a long time - namely Ridley Scott! It’s unbelievable that in five minutes something like this could happen. I take my hat off to you for building this system. I’m always cynical of any web service that offers writers special ‘access’, or better ways to pitch than the traditional means, but so far your service has exceeded all my expectations and squashed my cynicism completely! Thank you for that, because I genuinely love being wrong…Many thanks for your help!"

Phil Howe

"If it wasn’t for VPF, I would never have been able to pitch to MGM."

Tom Kuhl

"This looks real good and I thank you for your time and your expertise. You did a great job of editing me and making everything short and sweet. Much appreciated. I’ll work up the specific action and what will happen if he fails. Then on to posting."

Bill Johnston

"I wanted to thank you kindly for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without your assistance. I have added three transitional phrasing in the appropriate places and I am super excited to see how it turns out! Thanks again."

Kimberly Amato

"Thank you so much for sending me the blueprint and sample query letters. I could see immediately how much sense that makes and why my previous letters have received no response. I am too wordy and try to tell every detail of the story. I will focus on reformatting my query according to your blueprint and then resend for further editing. Thank You."

Sharon Roberts

"You have seen a need in the world and filled it. You have provided/continue to provide access through VPF, a conduit to the Industry, that those of us just outside might partake in some degree, to become Participants as it were in walking through doors that might otherwise never have been opened to us but through your good works and efforts in having left those doors ajar."

Richard Wheelock

"This is just a short note to thank you very much for your help with my pitch. After bumbling around with my own attempts and failing, I followed your instructions and template and got a request to see my script as a result. I will be buying more pitches as I have several scripts and I will highly recommend your services to others."

Francis Connor

"I was invited to participate in a pilot program between the WGA and Virtual Pitch Fest. After one week -- and 20 pitches, VPF is, for me, an unqualified success. Using one favorite screenplay and a written pitch describing it, I identified and reached out to 20 VPF-affiliated companies. I’ve now heard from 19 of them - and three have requested the script! This is a far cry from blind submissions (even agent submissions), contests and other live pitch fests I’ve done where you have two-three minutes to pitch your story or you're one of 5,000 submissions by writers at all levels - and the odds are stacked against you. With VPF I had TIME - time to craft a good pitch letter, time to be selective about who I reached out to -and time to learn from their responses. Best of all (at the urging of VPF) when I began each pitch query with ‘I'm a WGA pilot writer’ and named my agent, the companies I pitched knew I’d done real-world screenplay work, had been paid WGA wages and was repped by an agent. It helped, and I’ll try again with other scripts."

Michael Kassin, WGA

“…I LOVE the site…I've been lucky enough to get the attention of six producers and two managers through my pitches…”

Paul Dupree

“Thank you for the free pitches. I’ve had more success pitching my scripts in the past three months than I’ve had in the last three years.”

Cynthia Benjamin, WGA

“Thanks again for what you’re doing.”

Gary Gurner, WGA

“I just wanted to thank you again for the edit of my query. I’m much more confident now that the letter will stir up some interest. I just wanted to add though (and I’m sure I'm not the first to say this), but the exercise you had me go through to get my query to a better place actually helped me improve my script. The simplified structure helped reveal some rather large plot-holes my story had. Now, I’m in the process of filling those holes and will start sending out my pitches once that’s done. Thanks again for the help. You offer a great service!”

Tamara Roldan

“You could have knocked me down with a feather! All these years thinking about the wrong genre makes me realize just how inevitable it must be to fall at the first fence. Many thanks for your guidance and insight…”

Guy Loftus

“…VPF has been super helpful for me getting read requests and meetings. Although I have not made a sale, I would never have gotten as far in as I did, so hopefully it’s just a matter of time.”

Wayne Chiang

“Thank you David, for providing us with the opportunity to get our scripts to producers, managers and agents.”

Terri Emmerson

"Hey, that new feature that shows who you've sent what to is great!!!! Now I don't have to keep a Word Doc list. Love it!"

C. J. Wells

"Thanks for the great work with this. I have had several requests for my other scripts overnight and will be sending them out in a while. Very impressed with the results. It makes for an exciting day."

Bob Chapman

"...Pleased to see that my latest script, 'The Narrow Edge' made it on your Hot List.  I was contacted by a Manager solely on that. What a great idea!"

David Deverell

"Many thanks David, great suggestions! I'll give it a go and see where it leads. Thanks, again!"

Susan Zucker

“I have been using Virtual Pitch Fest for a month now and am very happy with the experience…I have tried various ways to pitch producers for 15 years with no success. In the past month I have made 23 pitches via Virtual Pitch Fest and received several wonderful comments. I also have ‘yes,’ answer/requests. It has been a very encouraging month. Many thanks.”

Jody Rawley

I just wanted to let you know I used the 5 free pitches you generously gave me. I found your site to be wonderful. It was easy to navigate and user friendly. Plus someone requested my script. All executives I contacted did respond in 5 business days or less. In fact, two responded in less than 30 minutes! It was a real confidence booster when someone responds in 10 minutes and requests your script. I have to say I am addicted to VPF. Besides running my own small group, I do work for screenwriter-producer-director Chris Soth. Chris has a mentorship program and I am his teaching assistant. I am going to be recommending VPF to his students...

Gina Leone

"Thanks so much for your help on my query letter! I revised the one and applied your advice to my other ones. I just started today ( 50th birthday) and Zero Gravity already has requested TWO of my scripts!"

Timothy Lanz

"I would just like to say how nice it is to have a place where I can come and present our materials.  We’ve been blessed to have six submission requests since I started using Virtual Pitch Fest. I’m sure that’s not a high number for some and the numbers might have been higher had I used your query edit services sooner, but it’s encouraging to receive positive communications from Producers. We are a bit different than most writers just looking to sell their property since we’re a company that creates our own intellectual property and also seeks to co-produce our products.  Your organization is another door for us to knock on to achieve our objectives, so thank you."

Greg Hill

"I am absolutely blown away at the ease and professionalism of your website/company! Thank you for this service - I'm going to pass along your URL to some of the writers around my office." 

Derek Griffith, WGA

"Awesome. Your site is great. Definitely going to recommend this to all my writer friends."

Adam Bhala Lough, WGA

"Just wanted to write to encourage my virtual comrades that 'yes's' do happen. Out of two query letters submitted, one was a 'yes'..."

Griffin Scott

"I cannot thank you enough for making attainable, film production companies that had remained unattainable and elusive to me. Oh, what joy it was to recently see Resolution and apply for representation,  a company I thought was beyond my reach! Thank you VERY much!"

Anne N. Iwobe

"I love your website and interface...Great job on the design, ease and feel, and of course the built in reply mechanism. I have sent your info to the fellow honorees of the WGA's Feature and TV Access programs. Thanks!"

Nayan Padrai, WGA

"I've been very excited by the responses to my pitches and the ability to personally connect one-on-one. Several companies are reading my sci-fi/film noir screenplay, my TV pilot and my Sundance 2014 finalist rom-com. And the one-on-one contact helps me, as a writer-producer, to improve my craft while simultaneously keeping up to date on what is marketable internationally...Even in cases in which a pro's interests did not align with the plot of one of my scripts, that pro was very gracious in complimenting my writing style and inviting me to submit future material. In fact, it was through one followup conversation with a professional who had rejected one of my screenplays that we realized my new Cape Cod crime novel 'Killing Kin' might be a good basis for a TV crime series. Nothing's a given, but I appreciate Virtual Pitch Fest for giving me these opportunities and the industry professionals for taking the time to read my material."

Skye Dent, WGA

"...I'm not very tech savvy but I found your program very smooth and easy to operate."

Philip Pierce, WGA

"...I love the way you get right back to us when we send an email…a real pro…on a personal note, you really came through to me when I saw your [WGA] presentation so I called my ex-wife partner and we decided to give this a shot…I am so glad I found you..."

Michael Raschella, WGA

"Thanks again for speaking at that [WGA] seminar. Really enjoyed your take on the industry. Didn't know it would get so heated among the panel but it was entertaining nonetheless and you really broke the tension. Take care!"

Tia Ayers, WGA

"Thanks David. Already have a positive reply and the script is on its way!"  

David August DePinho

"...I love VPF. I actually had someone request the script and give me amazing feedback and ask me to keep in touch. Everyone is very considerate, even adding additional comments here and there...I am really glad I found you guys." 

Carolyn Marie Bevacqua

"Thank you for your help, kind words and great examples. I will look into it carefully and tweak my letter to match the high standards you set. I am happy to have this opportunity to get professional advice from you..."

Valeriya Ordinartseva

"Thanks, David. I'm sure your feedback will make the pitch a lot stronger. Your structural advice was excellent."

Eric Steele

"Thanks David. I made those final changes, tested it out with a couple producers, got one rejection and one request for the script! Thanks so much, your help developing my query letter has already proven to lead to better chances of success!"

Matt Kinces

"David, I am so glad I took advantage of the query edit offered with the VIP package. I made the changes you suggested to my pitch (most of them anyway) and the rate of script requests quadrupled. I thought I had written a pretty good query but obviously your suggestions were well needed. Thank you."

David Hill

"Thanks David! This is great! Appreciate the help!"

Randy Loveridge

"Great David, thanks again for all your improvements. Very much appreciated!"

Daniel Mackey

"Hi! Love the service. I’ve gotten one read & still have 4 pitches to go! I just wanted to let you know that one of your bloggers, Colin Costello, referred your service to me in the most glowing terms. He also came to my association, the Chicago Screenwriters Network, to give a talk and recommended you guys to our group. Wasn’t sure if he got points for this or something, but I thought you should know!"

Christina Wollerman

"Mr. Zuckerman, I just wanted to let you know, after my inauspicious start, that I am very happy with Virtual Pitch Fest. It has more than lived up to my expectations and I have purchased additional queries twice more. I am diverting my financial resources from a couple of your competitors to you because I feel you offer the best opportunity for writers. Thanks again for your help and for your great website."

Carl Cortez

"Thank you for your wonderful service! I've received 7 responses from my queries with 2 'yes, send it!'"

Paul Christopher

"Thank you for the script analysis and query letter. I enjoyed reading all your notes and feedback. It was interesting constructive criticism. You showed me things in my own story, characters and dialogue that I didn't  see before. I will take all your advise and use it to begin a new and better draft. Thank you once again and I will definitely be returning with more drafts."

Lakesha Ray

"...I would like to say what a great site you have. I purchased the 5 pitch package. I've used another pitch site and am so much happier with yours! You have more/better contacts and your site is wonderful..." 

Jeff Rosenberg

"First of all I'd like to say VPF is AWESOME!!! I really appreciate your response and honesty...Thanks again!"

Maurice Edwards

"Thanks so much David. You are fantastic! I will be hiring you to do all query letters."

Kim Strand

"Just a few weeks ago, thanks to you folks and your services, Eric Canton of Canton Literary Management requested my TV pilot, "Smart Mouth," soon thereafter read it, requested more of my scripts, and today I signed with them! This likely would not have happened without VPF. Thanks for dismantling a few of the barriers that exist between writers and the industry!" 

Bryan Marvis

"My first query after David's edit a couple weeks back produced a positive response, a request for my script. That's a pretty good success rate for VPF." 

John Nicholas Datesh

"David, thanks very much for your notes and letter! I was very pleased with your take on the relative strengths and weaknesses of my script. I will be working on a rewrite strategy based on your feedback, and will definitely be sending the next draft your way. Thanks again!"

Daniel Scherrer

"I love VPF! Thank you for making it available to us."

Richard Seidman

"I’m not sure whether you’re looking for deals, but I got a script request from Night and Day Pictures (the same company I’d tried to reach in other ways but been unable to find a working email for). That made me very happy!"

Pamela Heath

"David, just thought I’d let you know…out of the 11 pitches, two asked to read 'Something Gray'! Thanks again for your criticism!"

Phil Hopersberger

"Awesome!! Thank you so much for your help, David. I know it's your job, but really, I can't even express how grateful I am!" 

Mariah N. Pacheco

"This isn't a success story as I just joined the site.  As I just started this past year in doing screenplay and script writing, I have read in many places as to how tough it is - not only just to get someone to read a script - but also send it to them and get someone to just look at a logline. This is a great site that puts people in the industry at the fingertips of people like me that I can reach out to. It's an invaluable tool to make contacts with people that I would have spent hours researching and digging through just to try and find and even at that point maybe not being able to get them to read anything. So far I have been rejected 3 times. It's a great feeling. I know that sounds weird but coming from a career as a computer programmer, for 12+ years, where I can send countless resumes out at times and not even get back so much as a rejection, it's nice to at least get that feedback - and that is all because of how you guys setup your process."

John German

"I appreciate how diligent your company is. I have recommended your site to two friends who signed up. You are without question one of most professional sites helping screenwriters - maybe the most professional. Thanks."

Jamee Decio

"Just wanted to let you know that through Virtual Pitch Fest I connected with Stephanie Rogers who is now representing me as my manager. Thank you and Virtual Pitch Fest for making this possible."

Richard Seidman

"David, I met you last year when you were on a WGA panel. I’ve always submitted scripts through my reps, always feeling out of control. So after that panel I went on The Black List and actually optioned a screenplay. I thought I’d give your site a whirl with this new script, and I have to say, I’m impressed so far. The site’s easy to use and well organized. I love being able to choose who to query, the control, and the immediacy. I’m getting some great responses and it’s fun to see that I’m on your 'hotlist.' Now I just have to sell the damn thing..."

Marty Weiss, WGA

"I have very much enjoyed using your service these past several months and have made an incredible contact with news I hope to be able to share with you sometime soon. This contact, and the possible future relationship would not have been available to me without your service. Also wanted to let you know that I was able to share my success using your service with a film festival recently. I hosted a Writer's Roundtable Seminar last month 'How to Break Into the Business of Screenwriting' as part of the Action on Film International Film Festival. Among other topics, I was able to recount the great experience I've had using VPF. Thought you might like to know how great the info was received."

Ken Lemm

"Just a quick email to say thanks. No doubt you've worked hard to build this site, and I'm one of the many people who is really grateful for that. Hollywood is really, really hard to break into, and this is just one of those options that - for just $90 - can at least crack open that door. So, I've submitted my idea to ten companies, and I might go three for ten or I might go zero for 20, but at least I get the chance. Thank you."

Adam Shephard

"Hey guys, just want to say that your service continues to amaze me. I submitted five pitches today and I got my first response in an hour. I know there's a disclaimer on the website that says it could take up to five business days to hear from the executive we're pitching, but the turnaround time is usually much faster, at least for me it has! I've been using Virtual Pitch Fest for a while and I've never been disappointed by the turnaround. We may not be pitching in person, but the results speak for themselves. Fast turnaround at a reasonable price, that's how I like it. Keep it up."  

Paul Middleton

"You guys do a wonderful service for the entire screenwriting community with VPF and David is such a cool dude."

John Weidner, WGA

"My samples are ready and I've just sent my first query. Thank you so much for this opportunity."

Mary Schneider

"Thanks so much for extending this excellent program! I've gotten very close on a few deals, and I've established positive relationships with some great companies that had not been willing to read unsolicited work before. I'm always recommending Virtual Pitch Fest on Done Deal Pro and in my screenwriters workshop."

Lynn Goldman, WGA

"Thanks to Virtual Pitch Fest, producer Lauren Lloyd has optioned my one-hour procedural TV series entitled NTSB."

Josh Miller, WGA

"I would like to thank you and your staff for Virtual Pitch Fest. I also would like to thank Ryan Stayton from The Sean Daniel Company for writing such a thoughtful note. He not only gave me a kind and positive response but also a tip on improving my query. I have changed my query utilizing his advice. I greatly appreciate this and hope that you will pass on my thanks."

Candace Segar

"...VPF has widened my options and my intention from the get go with this has really been to hit it from all angles and try to create some talk. Who knows what (if anything) will happen, but even if my script doesn't sell through you, I will still 100% back the service, because unlike many of the whiners out there, I fully recognize that it's solely up to ME and my material to make the waves. So thanks for what you do. I don't know if 6 'yes's' to 8 'no's' is above average, but I'll certainly take it whatever it is." 

Mat Raymond

"I had two managers/producers who have asked to read my script based on my pitch for my project TV pilot 'Babylon' this week. Just wanted to let you know!"

Mariah Gretchen Robinson

"My name is Rachel Reaugh and I am a screenwriter who uses Virtual Pitch Fest to market my screenplays. My feature screenplay LOST FARE (a drama based on a true story), was recently purchased and is in production with Director/Producer Bruce Logan (who I met on VPF & is legendary in the film industry) and Director/Producer Elliot Rosenblatt (THE COOLER, FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS). Thank you for your support in my career as a screenwriter."

Rachel Reaugh

"Defiant Pictures asked to see my manuscript. I am thrilled. Thank you."

Michael Oborn

"I've been using your site to pitch for the past four years. I just had my second meeting with Ideal Talent Agency (who I met through your service). I'm happy to announce they'll be representing me and my Sci-Fi feature, 'The Chameleon Paradox.' Thanks for providing the access."

Joshua Montcalm

"I wanted to give you an update on the Shopping Agreement between me and writer Mark Esslinger. We closed the deal on October 1st! So I will have a few months to work on packaging the script and securing financing. Getting the script into production isn't a guarantee, but thanks to VPF it has allowed us to take the script to the next level! VPF has done it's part and the rest is up to us! With the festival success that my current film, '2307 Winter's Dream' is receiving, this has opened a few doors for Mark's script and got us some meetings with financiers and production companies. I am grateful for VPF's service and look forwarding to reading more pitches and meeting more writers in the near future! Thanks again!!!"

Grady Justice, Producer

"...thank you for starting Virtual Pitchfest. I absolutely love it and look forward to continuing to pitch not only 'Happy Holidays' but also other projects I've written and currently working on. You've created a wonderful and crucial opportunity for writers like me outside of LA & NY to get our foot in the door and get noticed. I'm tremendously grateful for that!"

Chastity Lively

"I'm so impressed with the quick response. In some cases, just minutes after submitting. Thank you! I'm grateful for your service."

Becky Dowty

"I love your service. I haven’t had anything purchased or optioned, but my current manager found me through VPF, and I have made a host of fantastic contacts who have put me on their 'please send everything you ever write' list...Great job, and please keep it up."

Michaelbrent Collings

"This is a wonderful site - I've gotten 2 requests out of the first 5 pitches!"

Josan Callender, WGA

"I guess I’m officially hooked on this damn Hotlist contest…well, since I just went and purchased more pitches that I probably don’t really need. I’ve now promised myself not to feel like I’m chasing the current leader or racing against others…need to remember that any queries and pitches are intended to be part of a coordinated and sensible plan. However, my competitive nature sometimes gets the best of me. Anyway, this is my roundabout way of extending my gratitude for all your help so far."

Michael Raymond

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for editing my query. I really like it. Short but with some substance."

Adam Rockwell

"Hey, David! Thanks for the suggestion on the pitch tool. I had seen it was there but (stupidly) hadn't checked it out yet. And it really helped by asking for very specific things, which made me think about the story in different ways. It was a great help...Thanks so much!"

Harker Jones

"THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I just received by far the most positive feedback for my 'Project Omega' pitch from Tessa Lopez with Abrams Artists!"

James Norris

"Dear Mr. Zuckerman and Ms. Grey: I wanted to thank you both for making it possible for me to bring my best life skill – crafting punchy sentences – to bear in Hollywood where it would have its most fruitful effect.  There have been a dozen requests for my scripts based on my latest pitches,  themselves much improved because of the educational opportunities VPF provides."

Martin Blinder, MD

"Really enjoyed my time with Virtual Pitch Fest and thank you for letting me be a part of it, it’s a great service for writers and executives alike!"

Andrew Norman, Original Film

"Thank you for the query letter you created for me. I’ve finally had a chance to read it over carefully and I am very happy with what you’ve written. I was having difficulty choosing the salient aspects that would generate the most interest which you managed to do brilliantly. I’ll be joining the Virtual Pitch Fest and sending this letter out in the coming weeks. Many thanks again."


Terri Elisa Brennan

"First I want to say thanks for making this service for writers available. It has been such a beneficial part of my journey. The pitch tool is a wonderful aid in putting together a great pitch.  Before it was added to the website I did my best to convey the essence as concisely as possible but those pitches were long. Then after over 20 pitches where I tried to follow the query letter examples I really took a good long look at the pitch tool.  Then one day it just opened up. I got it. This was a strange experience as I realized that although something can be laid out clearly you can still not organically get it. But once the penny dropped for me it was so exhilarating! It gave me a rush. On my journey I learned the importance of a good pitch but lacked examples to go by as well as a means to submit my work until I stumbled onto VPF. It was amazing to me that I found it as I have no contacts in the industry.  However, I do have faith in my path and have watched things slowly unfold over the last couple of years. You have included little pointers such as writers ought to consider the type of responses they are receiving from pros. To me that is comparable to an actor who gets call backs even though they don't get the part. The call backs point to eventually getting cast. That's how I see positive feedback on VPF. It points to eventual success. One last thing. You know, for me it's not so much about the result as it is the journey. It's a magical experience to see the way the journey unfolds and how things come into one's path at the right time seemingly out of nowhere. I feel really good about VPF. It just turns me on to be able to get my pitches out there. My last two pitches was when I finally cracked the pitching code. It gave me the same feeling of breakthrough that I experienced after going over my screenplays again and again and again till one day I felt that organic feeling of, yeah that's it...you nailed it baby! So I want to thank you for helping me crack the pitch code." 

Clark Brolly

"Hello from Western Canada. Thanks for your help with the query editing. The script 'The Departure' is now in active development with a boutique production company. Very exciting stuff! We'll see how far it goes."

Eric Fisher

"David, THANK YOU! Words are too simple to express my gratitude. Just know that you have given me an entire episode; originally I wanted six for the first season, but only got five. You are a true professional, and I will begin my second draft. Thank you."

Abdur Mohammed

"As someone that has been using VPF since your early days when I was still in film school, after many years I finally found my way to the top of the hotlist in January. While the rejections initially were frustrating, they ultimately helped me create more appealing product in my subsequent projects and pitching composition. VPF is such a fantastic service, and I thank you all very much." 

Russell Beneke

"I got a script request from pic.tv. I'm very excited and I'm scheduling a reading to do the last rewrite before I submit it. Just thought you'd want to know."

David M. Stamps

"I just want to let you know that I was recently interviewed as an 'upcoming star' for Huffington Post's ThriveGlobal site (for my acting & screenwriting skills) and I gave kudos to your site (as I've received a lot of requests on one of my screenplays as a result of VPF's platform)."

Jackie Letkowski

"I've been a VPF member for a couple of years now...and am more secure than ever that your service is not only NOT A SCAM but really the only way for guys like me, with no useful inside-the-industry connections, to reach inside that guarded filmmaking community...Today, I got a response that included comments and that felt so good, knowing that some human eyes took a look and the comment gave some reason for the rejection...Thank you again for all that you do."

Ben Bencriscutto

"I just wanted to say thank you for a great experience using Virtual Pitch Fest. I would not have used your service (or any others remotely similar to yours) if I hadn't met David at the Phoenix Screenwriters Association seminar last year. You have put together an excellent service for writers,  and I felt it was a good, secure service, and I will sing your praises if anyone asks about how your service compares to other services similar to yours. David's presentation made ALL the difference in the world to me. I did get a handful of script requests out of my 37 submissions, and I thank you for providing the opportunity which brought a smile to my face for a day or two that I wouldn't have had otherwise. It was also fun to know that I made the 'Hotlist' albeit very briefly. Overall, it was just a great experience. Keep up the good work, and thank you again for providing this excellent service!"


Karen Trask

"I love this Virtual Pitch Fest. Perfect for today's world. How else could I get a chance to pitch to someone like Rick Porras of Eucalypto Films ("Lord of the Rings") my story? I appreciate your help."

David Champa

"I have to say that so far in my journey this is the only screenwriting platform that makes me feel like it’s a matter of time until I actually sell a script." 

David Diperstein

"Thank you so much David. The query letter reads fantastic. It was hard for me to break it down the way you did. Being so close to the story and the characters, it was hard to see the forest through the trees. Thanks again."

J.R. Blomberg

"Just a quick 'Thank You' for encouraging your Pros to leave comments...the often canned rejections are more or less expected, but without comments you have no idea why the pitch was rejected...I got this encouraging comment from [VPF Pro] Yuli that was much appreciated."

Ric Bencriscutto

"Your comments and insights are clear and spot on. Excellent job! Thank you so much for such care and attention to detail."

John Leary

“It's always amazing to witness the work of a true professional! I'm humbled. I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance [with my query letter]! I'm about to reinvent myself and start a whole new chapter of my life. Ok - let the adventure begin! Truly thankful.”

Dr. Nidal Nimawi

"I just wanted to let you know that I recently signed a Shopping Agreement with Four Thieves Productions as a result of pitching to them through your website. As a screenwriter that lives in the Midwest, I really value the platform you provide! Keep up the good work!" 

Kevin Wilde

“I value VPF a lot. How could I not? I have made deals that were a direct result of using the platform. It’s quick, easy to use, and you get back what you put into it. Since joining VPF in 2014, I’ve been exposed to writers, directors, and authors from every walk of life who I would not have had the chance to meet otherwise.”

Ryan Levee

"Thank you for your site and for making it easier to figure it all out. I'm not computer savvy the way a lot of writers are. So, I appreciate the way it is laid out!" 

Karen Crider

“I wanted to thank you. A producer contacted me because he saw my script on your top 50 list! That was a surprise bonus! After years of dealing with snail mail, hard copies, ignored submissions, cold calls and shady characters, VPF makes me feel like I actually have a valid shot at this.”

Dan Fiorella

"I wanted to let you know that I and my writing partner, Lise Pyles, connected with Suzanne Garnett of 808010 Productions in the UK through a VPF query. We will enter into a shopping agreement with her company. Our script is a rom-com screenplay titled: "A Bodyguard for Christmas" and was also a finalist in the ISA 2021 Genre-Busting Holiday Competition. We hope to have continued success with our work and VPF. Thank you!"

Lisa Pyles

“What I like most is the quickness of the response. Also, like myself, there are a number of agents who are also screenwriters. VPF is an Oasis for them.”

Ron Libert

"I’m having a blast with your service, and I’ve already received several yes responses."

Ken Cosentino

"Long story short, I joined VPF tonight and soon realized not only the value but also the opportunity. I received a response from one company within 30 minutes. It was a rejection, but the comment was very fair and legitimate (I wrote a high-budget WW2 script). I know the odds are against me, however, VPF has put me in a better position to have my screenplay made into a film...I just wanted to pass along something positive to you."

Bill Wells
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