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"1,000% improved! Somehow you took the essence of the  query and refashioned it to be much clearer and more appealing. Thanks! Now I'm really motivated...and with a sense of expectation and confidence..." Thanks to the Nth degree for your help and getting back to me so quickly."

Don E. Snyder

"David, your query letter for 'The Inventor' has been really effective. I even received one email back from a producer who stated that he wasn't really interested in the story, but that the 'presentation' was really good. He loved your query letter, but he wasn't interested in receiving the script! However, there have been a few people - based on your new query letter who 'are' interested in the story. I made some changes as you suggested and we will see what happens...Thanks again for your very professional help."

Dan Armstrong

"I must also commend your service in comparison to another service I use. It is different to yours, in that my work is searched by prospective buyers, but the difference is, there is no way to gauge the response. Occasionally, they ask for specific submissions (if your work fits) but the disappointing factor with this is, there is no requirement for the producers to reply with a response. With your service, I know as a writer, that they MUST reply to my submissions. At least this way (even if it is a rejection), I'm not waiting for a possible response. This is by far, the best feature of your service, not to mention, you are getting directly to the source. Keep up the great work."

Darren P Faulkner
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