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"This isn't a success story as I just joined the site.  As I just started this past year in doing screenplay and script writing, I have read in many places as to how tough it is - not only just to get someone to read a script - but also send it to them and get someone to just look at a logline. This is a great site that puts people in the industry at the fingertips of people like me that I can reach out to. It's an invaluable tool to make contacts with people that I would have spent hours researching and digging through just to try and find and even at that point maybe not being able to get them to read anything. So far I have been rejected 3 times. It's a great feeling. I know that sounds weird but coming from a career as a computer programmer, for 12+ years, where I can send countless resumes out at times and not even get back so much as a rejection, it's nice to at least get that feedback - and that is all because of how you guys setup your process."

John German

"I really enjoy working with you and your company..."

Susan Johnson, Select Services Films

"Thank you so much for your help with our query letter. Looks like you have a tried and true formula. We are definitely taking note."

Julie Keck
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