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"My name is Rachel Reaugh and I am a screenwriter who uses Virtual Pitch Fest to market my screenplays. My feature screenplay LOST FARE (a drama based on a true story), was recently purchased and is in production with Director/Producer Bruce Logan (who I met on VPF & is legendary in the film industry) and Director/Producer Elliot Rosenblatt (THE COOLER, FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS). Thank you for your support in my career as a screenwriter."

Rachel Reaugh

"I'm a VPF fan -- great site, great service, amazing opportunities!"

Andie Andrews

"I've become an avid user of VPF in the past few weeks and want to say thanks for helping to create a direct line between writers and producers. VPF is exactly the type of technology that's helping redefine our industry!"

Rob Ripley
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