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A real-time ranking of the top 3 most requested scripts in the current month (including ties). All scripts are automatically entered and tracked by title.

Awards and Benefits

While on the Hotlist, your title and logline are presented in real time to our Pros who can then request the script directly. Hotlist Winners are those still on the list at the last second of the month. These winners are awarded the prizes listed in the "End of month Awards" column.

Rank Writer Title End of month Awards


Maja Vidrac NEVER ALONE Pros can request script free of charge. Month's #1 receives 10 Free Pitches!


Sasha Tolmachyov THE VIDIOTS Pros can request script free of charge. Month's #2 receives   5 Free Pitches!


Michael Riedel VIRAL VIDEO Pros can request script free of charge. Month's #3 receives   3 Free Pitches!
The "Big 3" writers, titles & loglines are visible daily to all VPF Pros who can request any of these scripts directly from the writers with one click. The 3 writers who appear on this list at the end of each month will receive their free pitches the following business day.

Previous Winners

November Hotlist Winners
  1. Pieces of Heart Romantic Drama
    Joseph Harrison
    Face of Glass Thriller
    Michael Raymond
    Young Americans TV Series
    Josh Kotcheff
  2. The Waters of Remembrance Thriller
    Maja Vidrac
  3. Man in the Mirror TV Series
    Mike Kaminski

October Hotlist Winners
  1. Abandonment Thriller
    Josh Montcalm
  2. Drago TV Series
    Lisa Berman
  3. The Mother Road Dramedy
    Michael Raymond

September Hotlist Winners
  1. Madam President Bio-Pic
    James B. Saunders
  2. The Altruist Action
    Jagdish Thokala
  3. Saving Larry Comedy
    Blair Reuling

August Hotlist Winners
  1. Mental Thriller
    Warren Clarke
  2. 9/10 Drama
    Richard Willett
  3. Writing the End Thriller
    Massimiliano Mauceri

July Hotlist Winners
  1. Con-Sensual Courtroom Drama
    Martin Blinder
  2. The Domain Sci-Fi Thriller
    Michael Raymond
  3. Quartermaster TV Pilot
    Karl Archer

June Hotlist Winners
  1. Glow Stick Drama
    Michael Raymond
  2. Operation Fox Hunt Action
    Sean Wathen
    Heavenly Bonds TV Pilot
    Laurelei Ballard
  3. Colorblind Bio-Pic
    Pamela Peak

May Hotlist Winners
  1. Second Story View Thriller
    Darren Jacobs
  2. The New Road Sci-Fi
    Michael Raymond
    Erna Mueller Family Comedy
  3. Sherryvale TV Pilot
    Alan Horsnail
    Lawsuit Santa Holiday
    James Feliciano

April Hotlist Winners
  1. Song of Roland Historical Action
    Michael Eging
  2. The Mother Road Indie Dramedy
    Michael Raymond
  3. Wiggle Room Thriller
    Richard Geiwitz
    Madam President Bio-Pic
    James B. Saunders

March Hotlist Winners
  1. Fluke Bio-Pic
    Martin Blinder
  2. The Contractor TV Series
    Carl Cortez
  3. American Colony TV Series
    Juan de la Guardia

February Hotlist Winners
  1. Sexagenarian Susie Comedy
    Claire Riley
  2. None of the Above Thriller
    John Day
  3. J.D. Harper Truman. Dramedy
    Mat Raymond

January Hotlist Winners
  1. The Island of Blooming Stones Romantic Drama
    Russell Beneke
  2. Beasts Horror
    Oscar Moreno
    Nottingham TV Pilot
    Karl Archer
  3. Fidelity Romantic Drama
    Joseph Oyas
    Her Majesty's Spymistress TV Pilot
    Marcus Goodwin

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