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How it Works

A real-time ranking of the top 3 most requested scripts in the current month (including ties). All scripts are automatically entered and tracked by title.

Awards and Benefits

While on the Hotlist, your title and logline are presented in real time to our Pros who can then request the script directly. Hotlist Winners are those still on the list at the last second of the month. These winners are awarded the prizes listed in the "End of month Awards" column.

Rank Writer Title Share End of month Awards


James B. Saunders BOSS TWEED
Pros can request script free of charge. Month's #1 receives 20 Free Pitches!


Darko Mitrevski REBORN
Pros can request script free of charge. Month's #2 receives   10 Free Pitches!


Pros can request script free of charge. Month's #3 receives   5 Free Pitches!
The "Big 3" writers, titles & loglines are visible daily to all VPF Pros who can request any of these scripts directly from the writers with one click. The 3 writers who appear on this list at the end of each month will receive their free pitches the following business day.

Previous Winners

July Hotlist Winners
  1. Red Wine & Alibis Thriller
    Caroline Baggaley
  2. Celia the Cow Family Animation
    Gabe Sanchez
    Christmas Miracle Worker Holiday
    Curtis Burdick
  3. Reborn Thriller
    Darko Mitrevski

June Hotlist Winners
  1. American Swine TV Series
    Corey Mead
  2. Candlelight Service Holiday
    Ken Lemm
  3. The Jack London Story Biopic
    Michael Oakes
    Young Americans TV Series
    Josh Kotcheff

May Hotlist Winners
  1. Girlfriend Comedy
    Amanda Callas
    Across the Divide Action
    Dennis O'Flyng
  2. Midnight in the Switchgrass Thriller
    Alan Horsnail
    Mom Romantic Comedy
    Jordan Champagne
  3. A Christmas Disaster Holiday
    Bryan Kelsey

April Hotlist Winners
  1. Knocking On Life's Door Comedy
    James Feliciano
  2. Andrea's Listings TV Series
    Andrea Mezvinsky
  3. Secrets in the Wine Cellar Comedy
    Jennifer Snow
    The Stolen Empire TV Series
    Sherry Ficklin

March Hotlist Winners
  1. Dust of Dixie Crime Drama
    McKenzie Hamilton
  2. Heavenly Bonds TV Series
    Laurelie Ballard
  3. The Awares Thriller
    JA Holten
    Malum Horror
    Mark Clark

February Hotlist Winners
  1. Never Alone Thriller
    Maja Vidrac
  2. Da Vinci's Dreams Biopic
    Michael Oakes
  3. The Influencer Thriller
    Meghan Weinstein

January Hotlist Winners
  1. Tethered Thriller
    Michael Raymond
  2. Tragically Famous Rom-Com
    LIsa J. Cristoforo
  3. Trapped Thriller
    Martin Blinder
    Dress Coded Comedy
    Jennifer O'Brien

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