Spielberg Buys VPFer's Script

Australian screenwriter Pete Bridgers - who was discovered via VPF - just sold his family action spec "The Fall" to Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment! To learn more, click on http://deadline.com/2016/07/amblin-entertainment-alien-invasion-spec-script-the-fall-pete-bridges-1201783979/

Another Film Produced Via VPF

VPFer Rachel Reaugh's script "Lost Fare" is now in post production! Rachel pitched the true-life drama via the site to producer Bruce Logan who said "yes" and made it with partner Elliot Rosenblatt "The Cooler," Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas").

ScriptCoach Client Makes Movie

VPF CEO and Hollywood Producer David Kohner Zuckerman provided his ScriptCoach client Shamim Sarif with notes on her critically acclaimed first feature, "The World Unseen."

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DIY Marketing for Screenwriters: Three Screenwriting Websites That Appeal to Writers at Every Level

"As a WGA member, I knew first-hand how hard it is to get past the studio sentinels, and knew all about the grueling gauntlet we run to get eyeballs onto our pages. But recently, at a guild-sponsored seminar featuring the head honchos of all three sites, I listened as InkTip’s Jerrol LeBaron, Virtual Pitch Fest’s David Kohner Zuckerman and The Black List’s Franklin Leonard made this unanimous assertion: Writers no longer needed an agent, or manager, or your uncle’s dentist’s cousin who works at Paramount to get their material considered, read—even sold. Sorry, I wasn’t buying it."

Read the article at Moviemaker.com

Feature Produced Thru VPF

While dozens of writers have received representation and script deals through VPF, our breakout success was the release of feature film "Raspberry Magic," a young girl's coming-of-age story that won positive reviews and many awards on the festival circuit. The film's writer/director Leena Pendharkar pitched the script for "Raspberry Magic" thru VPF to Bamboo Management's Heidi Ifft. Ifft said "yes" to the pitch and liked the script so much she sent it to her actress-client Meera Simham ("House"). "Meera loved the script, and so did her actor-husband, Ravi Kapur ("Crossing Jordan")," says Ifft. "The pair was quickly attached to the project and six months later, the financing came through."

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Client's Second Film Released

VPF CEO and Hollywood Producer David Kohner Zuckerman provided notes for his ScriptCoach client Shamim Sarif's delightful comedy "I Can't Think Straight." To see more ScriptCoach success stories and testimonials, please click here.

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Client's Third Feature Produced

VPF CEO David Kohner Zuckerman provided notes for his ScriptCoach client Shamim Sarif's period drama "Despite the Falling Snow." 

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Hallmark Movie Made Via VPF

Another big success for VPF came when writer Joany Kane pitched her Christmas script to Chessler/Perlmutter Productions, who - after responding "yes" to her query - subsequently bought the screenplay and made it with Hallmark. "VPF is amazing! I am living proof that the service works...The best 'matchmaking' service in town," says Kane.

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VPF Success: 80+ Script Deals

VPF is proud to have been the conduit for many script deals and writers landing reps. "My childhood dream has always been to find success as a screenwriter, and I feel I've made a big step forward last weekend," says VPFer Kingston Medland. "On only my twelfth pitch on your site, and only my second script request from all those, I had a manager contact me by email and then by telephone. On Sunday I signed with him! I've never been to film school and live in England, so your site made it possible for me to reach this manager directly. Without that, I would still be knocking on doors, and probably not getting many script requests. Thanks again for your work, and the possibilities the site opens up for writers like myself."

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VPF Powers "Pitching Room"

VPF powered the recent Story Expo's "Pitching Room" with great success. This live event gave writers an opportunity to pitch VPF Pros in person and create more networking opportunities.

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VPF Gets Positive Press

Coverage Inc.'s Aaron Pope tried VPF and wrote about his experience in their popular blog. "One week later," he states enthusiastically, "I'd signed with a top management company..."

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VPF Receives Great Review

"Creative Screenwriting" magazine recommends VPF in this critique of some pitching sites.

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"The Big Three" Article by VPF's CEO

VPF CEO and Hollywood Producer David Kohner Zuckerman talks about "likability," "stakes," and "tone" in this "Writer" magazine article.

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VPF's CEO Pens Instructive Article

VPF CEO and Hollywood Producer David Kohner Zuckerman writes about the essential ingredients necessary for a script sale in this "Writer" magazine piece.

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