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Jennifer Bozell

Rejection Opportunity

Dealing with rejection is part of life for writers. No matter how brilliant your project is, not everyone is going to like it. But there’s an important distinction writers must make. When do you press on, keep more

Posted at 24 Mar, 2018 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  Writing Tips, The Biz

Jennifer Bozell

Pilot Season

Pilot season is here! Although it’s still early, the broadcast networks have started picking up projects, and some early trends are starting to emerge. If you’re pitching a show or writing a spec script to be more

Posted at 17 Feb, 2018 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  The Biz

Mitch Paradise

Thoughts on Oscars 2018

A few thoughts about the Oscar nominations this year: It’s time for the Academy to enlarge the performance Oscar Nominations to go with the Best Picture Oscar nods. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, more

Posted at 08 Feb, 2018 | By: Mitch Paradise | Categories:  The Biz

Jennifer Bozell

Good to Read

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to screenwriting, the first book I’d recommend would be Robert McKee’s “Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting.” more

Posted at 20 Jan, 2018 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  Writing Tips, The Biz

Colin Costello

The Best of '17

These are the films that inspired me, made me cry (from joy), laugh and believe in movies. 1. THE SHAPE OF WATER - This is Del Toro’s best (and my favorite) film of the year. It’s a masterful and beautifully more

Posted at 08 Jan, 2018 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  The Biz

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