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Jonathan Marty

The Generals are Coming

They’re called “generals.” Essentially, it means you piqued someone’s interest as a writer. Whether it’s a network, studio or production exec, they’re a fan of yours and they want to meet more

Posted at 16 Dec, 2016 | By: Jonathan Marty | Categories:  Pitching, Networking, Selling, The Biz

Steve Trautmann

Class or No Class

When writers feel compelled to take a non-writing class or workshop to help broaden their understanding of the craft, storytelling, or pitching - there are three main ways to go: improvisation, acting, and standup. I like more

Posted at 22 Apr, 2016 | By: Steve Trautmann | Categories:  Pitching, Writing Tips, Networking, Selling, The Biz

John Weidner

Foot in the Door

Virtual Pitch Fest has turned out to be a godsend. Once I joined, my screenwriting career blew up. It opened doors I never thought I'd have the opportunity to pass through. It led to a couple options where, yes, I got more

Posted at 18 Dec, 2015 | By: John Weidner | Categories:  Pitching, Networking, Selling, The Biz

Colin Costello

It's More Than a Spec

For the love of God, don’t shoot the messenger! I was inspired to write this blog after attending the wonderful Secret Door Pitch, a reward for being a finalist in The Script Pipeline Screenplay Contest. I enjoyed more

Posted at 11 Aug, 2015 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Pitching, Networking, Selling, The Biz

Colin Costello

Learning From Failure

As promised, I’m back with the results of our Kickstarter campaign for our film “Immurement.” In short, we failed. Was it an epic flop? You betcha. We only raised 30% of our $18,000 goal. So what went more

Posted at 21 Apr, 2015 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Pitching, Networking, Selling, The Biz

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