Jennifer Bozell

Don't Blow It

So you have a meeting on the books to pitch your brilliant idea for a TV show? Good for you! Now you have to figure out how not to blow it. How much detail do you go into? How long should your pitch be? These are more

Posted at 06 Nov, 2017 | By: Jennifer Bozell

Colin Costello

I Was Paid, Not Made

I've been blessed this year. I've been hired several times to rewrite projects. Round of high-fives! Not bragging, but I have managed to work on three feature rewrites and two pilots. So why on earth would I be frustrated?& more

Posted at 26 Sep, 2017 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Selling, The Biz

Mitch Paradise


Time is on my mind. Maybe it’s about reaching a certain age – the age that shall not be named – that brings this into focus, but it began when I was catching up on a few-weeks-old "New Yorker" magazine and more

Posted at 14 Aug, 2017 | By: Mitch Paradise | Categories:  The Biz

Steve Trautmann

Flipping the Script

A few years ago I was asked to write a monologue for a 20-year-old actor. I thought back to what was going on in my life when I was that age, which was serving overseas in the Air Force. What were my fears? What were my more

Posted at 23 Jun, 2017 | By: Steve Trautmann | Categories:  Writing Tips, The Biz

Mitch Paradise

The New Horror

Never been a big horror fan. I admit it, I was a wimp. Grew up with ghoulish boyfriends who loved to sit in the movies and slobber over blood. Those were the days when movies were a quarter, so a few pop bottles returned and more

Posted at 03 May, 2017 | By: Mitch Paradise | Categories:  The Biz

Jonathan Marty

Knock Your Block Off

It’s one of the most miserable, excruciating things to experience. Your concept is there and your latest script seemingly had all the momentum in the world behind it. But seems to be grinding to a screeching, more

Posted at 23 Apr, 2017 | By: Jonathan Marty | Categories:  Writing Tips

Claire Weaver

Dealing With Interruptions

A few weeks ago, I had to put a feature script on hold while I revisited a TV project I thought I was done with. This week, I delivered the new work on the TV project, which means I've got the green light to dive back into more

Posted at 08 Apr, 2017 | By: Claire Weaver | Categories:  Writing Tips, The Biz

Barri Evins

Handling the Wait

Your query letter gets a response! You've been waiting a long time for this day. What's next? More waiting. How long can it possibly take to read one little script? Try to put yourself in the other guy's shoes. The one with more

Posted at 24 Mar, 2017 | By: Barri Evins

Mitch Paradise

Despite Politics, The Best Picture Won

As the hours counted down to the Oscars, I began to feel that there might be some sort of a cosmic shift going on. I often get these feelings, and strangely, I’m often right. Though it went into the evening with a more

Posted at 12 Mar, 2017 | By: Mitch Paradise | Categories:  The Biz

Victoria Slater

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

I once worked for a very wealthy man who owned a production company. He taught me a very valuable life lesson. He said, “The NO you have; the YES maybe you can get.” Of the thousands of scripts that have been more

Posted at 06 Mar, 2017 | By: Victoria Slater | Categories:  Writing Tips, The Biz

Claire Weaver

Bad Producer Versions

They say that 90% of writing is rewriting. But who trusts statistics? Sometimes, a project will prove such statements completely untrue, right? It's more like 99%. Personally, I quite enjoy it. It's an opportunity to make more

Posted at 13 Feb, 2017 | By: Claire Weaver | Categories:  Writing Tips, Selling, The Biz

Mitch Paradise

Oscars So Right On!

As The Golden Globes predicted, we head into the Oscar race with three movies leading the pack for the Academy Award for Best Picture: “Moonlight” - a low-budget, independent feature about the maturation of a more

Posted at 06 Feb, 2017 | By: Mitch Paradise | Categories:  The Biz

Colin Costello

The Worst of '16

Here's my list of 2016's major dogs. "Wiener-Dog" Not just my worst film of 2016, but also possibly the entire decade. This cruel film from Todd Solond zabout a dachshund being transferred from one oddball owner to the more

Posted at 01 Feb, 2017 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  The Biz

Jonathan Marty

Do Many Reps

Most aspiring writers dream of the day they can say they have representation, and for good reason. It gives any creator a sense of self-worth - that somebody, a professional, thinks that they excel at their craft, that their more

Posted at 18 Jan, 2017 | By: Jonathan Marty | Categories:  Networking, The Biz

Colin Costello

My Top Ten

So what did I love in 2016? Below are the films that resonated with me. That touched me. That I have watched over and over again. "A Monster Calls" Don’t dismiss this magnificent film as a kid’s film. It’ more

Posted at 10 Jan, 2017 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  The Biz

Victoria Slater


So what if there are a few typos in your script? Why get so anal about it? I will tell you why. Number one, it interrupts your story. Number two, it makes you look unprofessional. Imagine you're walking along a verdant more

Posted at 03 Jan, 2017 | By: Victoria Slater | Categories:  Writing Tips, Selling, The Biz

Justin Ross

Are you a Screenwriter?

You're telling you're friends you're a screenwriter. But can you really call yourself one? A guy I know who was struggling with this very thing was asked the pointed question by Beau Willimon, the creator of the American " more

Posted at 27 Dec, 2016 | By: Justin Ross | Categories:  Writing Tips, Networking, Selling, The Biz

Justin Ross

Good Ones

As a development executive & producer, I am often asked by writers: What kind of projects are you looking for? A valid query. Usually my reply is a phrase I borrowed from a wise producer I used to intern for: “ more

Posted at 19 Dec, 2016 | By: Justin Ross | Categories:  Writing Tips, Networking, Selling, The Biz

Jonathan Marty

The Generals are Coming

They’re called “generals.” Essentially, it means you piqued someone’s interest as a writer. Whether it’s a network, studio or production exec, they’re a fan of yours and they want to meet more

Posted at 16 Dec, 2016 | By: Jonathan Marty | Categories:  Pitching, Networking, Selling, The Biz

Claire Weaver

Work Smart

Writing a script (or a book, a comic, etc.) takes a lot of time. Professional writers have the advantage of being paid for the hours they spend at the keyboard every day, meaning they can dedicate their working hours to more

Posted at 14 Dec, 2016 | By: Claire Weaver | Categories:  Writing Tips

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