Jennifer Bozell

Pilot Season

Pilot season is here! Although it’s still early, the broadcast networks have started picking up projects, and some early trends are starting to emerge. If you’re pitching a show or writing a spec script to be more

Posted at 17 Feb, 2018 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  The Biz

Jennifer Bozell

Be Great. Don't Procrastinate.

Are you a procrastinator? We all put off doing things sometimes, and delay or postpone taking action when we should. It’s part of human nature, and often, it’s no big deal. But if you’re a writer who more

Posted at 10 Feb, 2018 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  Writing Tips

Mitch Paradise

Thoughts on Oscars 2018

A few thoughts about the Oscar nominations this year: It’s time for the Academy to enlarge the performance Oscar Nominations to go with the Best Picture Oscar nods. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, more

Posted at 08 Feb, 2018 | By: Mitch Paradise | Categories:  The Biz

Colin Costello


So your protag, your main character, the one you've been "living with" for months (years?) has a goal, right? Riiiiiiight? If you’re scratching your head, you’re not alone. I know it seems obvious, but I have more

Posted at 29 Jan, 2018 | By: Colin Costello

Jennifer Bozell

Good to Read

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to screenwriting, the first book I’d recommend would be Robert McKee’s “Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting.” more

Posted at 20 Jan, 2018 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  Writing Tips, The Biz

Jennifer Bozell

New Year's Writing Resolutions

It’s a new year, and many of us are making resolutions to change or improve our lives in some way. Why not resolve to become a better writer? Not a more prolific writer, but an improved one. Take a look at the more

Posted at 17 Jan, 2018 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  Writing Tips

Colin Costello

MLK Remembered

If you are not taking in a playoff game or heading to the movies this Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, it might be a good time to reflect on his legacy, dreams and what he stood for. As writers, one of the best ways we can more

Posted at 15 Jan, 2018 | By: Colin Costello

Colin Costello

The Best of '17

These are the films that inspired me, made me cry (from joy), laugh and believe in movies. 1. THE SHAPE OF WATER - This is Del Toro’s best (and my favorite) film of the year. It’s a masterful and beautifully more

Posted at 08 Jan, 2018 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  The Biz

Jennifer Bozell

Great Loglines

Crafting the perfect logline is often a challenge. How do you describe your characters and story and summarize your plot in a way that is marketable and enticing to buyers? And how do you do that in only a sentence or two? more

Posted at 06 Jan, 2018 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  Pitching, Loglines, Writing Tips, Selling, The Biz

Jennifer Bozell

If It Talks, It Walks

Want to know one of the most common notes I’ve given writers over the years? “Your dialogue needs work. Your characters all sound the same.” We all know that having fresh, sharp & snappy dialogue is more

Posted at 22 Dec, 2017 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  Writing Tips

Colin Costello


You’re driving to work, but running a little late. Okay, a lot late. So, you weave in and out of traffic with one singular goal: Get to work on time. Your motivation? Your boss is an asshole and you don’t want to more

Posted at 11 Dec, 2017 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Writing Tips

Jennifer Bozell

Noted: Be Graceful

You’ve spent countless hours crafting your script. In your eyes, it’s a masterpiece. So when someone reads it and has notes you weren’t expecting, it can sometimes be demoralizing. In these moments, more

Posted at 03 Dec, 2017 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  Writing Tips, Selling, The Biz

Colin Costello

The New Buyers

In the last few years, writers have been faced with a changing studio business model. In fact, only 34 spec screenplays were sold through July of this year. Upon digging deeper, many of those specs were by A-list writers. more

Posted at 28 Nov, 2017 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Networking, Selling, The Biz

Mitch Paradise

The Oscar Movies Are Finally Here

We’ve all been talking to each other. 2017 has not been a very good year for films. The dismal summer cartoon/comic book tentpole season has been over for two months, and where are the Oscar contenders that are more

Posted at 26 Nov, 2017 | By: Mitch Paradise | Categories:  The Biz

Jennifer Bozell

A Successful General

General meetings are kind of like first dates. A creative executive or producer has read your work, liked it, and now wants to meet with you. But having a “general meeting” sounds so…general. What are more

Posted at 19 Nov, 2017 | By: Jennifer Bozell | Categories:  Networking, Selling, The Biz

Colin Costello

Oh, Charlotte!

Charlotte Roi is a statuesque strawberry blonde with piercing eyes and a just-as-towering personality that fills the room when she enters. A quick glance at her reminds you of Jessica Chastain or Jessica Rabbit. While you more

Posted at 12 Nov, 2017 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Networking, The Biz

Jennifer Bozell

Don't Blow It

So you have a meeting on the books to pitch your brilliant idea for a TV show? Good for you! Now you have to figure out how not to blow it. How much detail do you go into? How long should your pitch be? These are more

Posted at 06 Nov, 2017 | By: Jennifer Bozell

Colin Costello

I Was Paid, Not Made

I've been blessed this year. I've been hired several times to rewrite projects. Round of high-fives! Not bragging, but I have managed to work on three feature rewrites and two pilots. So why on earth would I be frustrated?& more

Posted at 26 Sep, 2017 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Selling, The Biz

Mitch Paradise


Time is on my mind. Maybe it’s about reaching a certain age – the age that shall not be named – that brings this into focus, but it began when I was catching up on a few-weeks-old "New Yorker" magazine and more

Posted at 14 Aug, 2017 | By: Mitch Paradise | Categories:  The Biz

Steve Trautmann

Flipping the Script

A few years ago I was asked to write a monologue for a 20-year-old actor. I thought back to what was going on in my life when I was that age, which was serving overseas in the Air Force. What were my fears? What were my more

Posted at 23 Jun, 2017 | By: Steve Trautmann | Categories:  Writing Tips, The Biz

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