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Your script's genre:

Example: comedy (please use lower case)

If you've sold, optioned, had a film produced, or won any screenwriting awards, please mention in the form of a sentence:

Example: My script "The Hangover" just won the Los Angeles Screenwriting contest.

A box office smash or ratings hit your script is similar to:

Example: Taken

A classic film or show your script is similar to:

Example: Missing

Please enter one sentence about your hero, what his or her problem is when the story begins, and what his or her goal is.

Example: The story is about an injured marine named Jonathan who's just about to return home when a CIA leak confirms a nuclear attack is imminent.

Please describe the three major events that happen in your story:

Example: With all of the flights out of the country booked, and no new ones allowed in because of the threat, Jonathan must find some other way to get out of the city.

Another Major Event:

Example: His only option is to hitch a car ride with his Afghan interpreter friend Behnam and his wife and daughter.

Another Major Event:

Example: But when a radical shoots Behnam and his wife in an attempt to commandeer their truck, Jonathan is saddled with the responsibility of bringing Behnam's daughter to safety.

Your Hero's Name:

Example: Jonathan

A specific action/goal the hero must initiate:

Example: get out of the fallout radius

The event that will happen if the hero does not complete the above action/goal:

Example: he and Benham's daughter will both face certain death

One or two qualities the script has:

Example: riveting suspense and high stakes

Please give this saved query a unique version number:

Example: 01

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