Virtual Pitch Fest was created in 2005 by producer David Kohner Zuckerman and screenwriter Katie Coyle.

When meeting at the LA Screenwriting Expo, Katie and David noticed the long lines of writers waiting to pitch Hollywood pros without any assurance their material would ever get read. It also seemed attendees ran the risk of being judged on their showmanship, rather than the quality of their writing. In talking further, the duo soon realized they could eliminate these downsides, plus the costly travel and conference fees writers were paying for live pitch events.

A year later, VPF was launched with one simple pledge: that query letters sent to Pros you pick would all be answered within 5 business days. Now in its eighth year, the site has many success stories and thousands of writers continue to enjoy VPF's guaranteed access to Hollywood Pros.

David Zuckerman

David Kohner Zuckerman


David Kohner Zuckerman is a working Hollywood producer and VPF's CEO. As David enjoys helping writers of every level, he also provides expert script consulting through his site David's film "Strictly Sexual" is the #1 most watched movie of all-time on Hulu, and his other credits include the "The Fourth Noble Truth," "All I Want for Christmas" (Hallmark), "Chump Change" (Miramax) & "Caught in the Act" (Lifetime). He's a member of the Producers Guild of America, a licensed psychotherapist, and a frequent contributor to magazines such as "Writer" & "Soma."

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